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To listen another's soul into a condition of disclosure and discovery may be almost the greatest service that any human being ever performs for another. 

     - Douglas Steere


*Spiritual Direction is an ancient practice of co-discernment, guidance, and accompaniment, providing a sacred space to become more deeply aware of and connected to the divine  and your true self  along your journey through life.

*Spiritual Direction differs in focus from counseling, mentoring, and teaching in that it is concerned with prayerfully discovering God's presence in all of life. Sessions take place once a month for an hour.


My desire in offering spiritual direction for my clients is to provide a sacred space that is peaceful, safe, nonjudgmental and reflective; a space of encounter and discovery with the divine, a space to be completely open and honest.

Most sessions will begin with lighting of a candle, prayer and silence in order to prepare our time and hearts for sacred conversation. During the hour I offer deep listening and prayerful reflection as you share your journey and current experiences. I listen for glimmers of divine activity in your life and may ask reflective questions, offer moments of pause and silence as well as possible guided prayer or spiritual practices.

This is a contemplative space to slow down and connect more deeply with the Holy One, opening your awareness to subtle inner movements of the spirit. What I won’t do is preach, teach, lecture, fix or tell you what to do. Spiritual truths come forth in our conversation. As I accompany you on your journey, I may occasionally suggest a spiritual practice or reading which would enhance your experience but be completely optional. I would be honored to companion you on your divine journey. 

*Contact me for information and to schedule an Introductory Discovery Session by phone

or Zoom. Monthly sessions take place by Zoom, Face Time, Whatsapp, Phone, or in Person.

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Providing a space to rest, reflect and reconnect.

Are you seeking a space of deep stillness and reflection, where you can retreat and reconnect with God and others in the midst of your busy life.... A space where you can also discover or rediscover your unique identity along with other souls on the contemplative path?

Soul's Sanctuary Contemplative workshops, half day, day or weekend retreats offer an opportunity to slow down and restore your soul. These retreats and workshops are unique in that space and guidance are provided for silence, sacred reading, prayer/meditation, journaling, reflection, creativity and discussion. Each retreat is custom designed for your group, business, or church.

Since this past year dealing with Covid 19 I began offering online personalized workshops and retreats for your group or community, customized retreat resources for you to  facilitate your own retreat, as well as in person retreats.  Discover how deep soul reflecting guided space opens up greater divine connection for you personally and within your community.

Contact me for more information.

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My spiritual journey in life has had many interesting twists and turns, as I am sure many of you have had. As a spiritual director I have the privilege to hear sacred stories from others and accompany them as they navigate their  pathways toward spiritual growth and wholeness.  Currently I would identify myself as a Christian Creative Contemplative, infusing creativity and contemplative spirituality into my sessions, offering my clients a unique space of sacred conversation along with spiritual practices.

My two years of spiritual direction training come from the Institute of Christian Spirituality at Lipscomb University with a second year focus on Ignatian Spirituality. I have been practicing spiritual direction consistently with a variety of clients since 2015 and offering spiritual formation since 2006.  I also have a degree in Art Therapy, thus the creative contemplative dimension of spirituality. Currently, I am also receiving further advanced training to accompany those desiring to go through the Ignatian Exercises and Ignatian Discernment.

My experience includes: spiritual direction, facilitating various contemplative workshops and retreats, spiritual formation groups, centering prayer groups, and mindfulness meditation groups. To find out more details feel free to contact me.

I am a member of both Spiritual Directors International and Evangelical Spiritual Directors. Even though my faith tradition is Christian, I am available to accompany any seeking to deepen their relationship and connection with the Divine and discern direction for their life. I specialize in accompanying those the spirit is  drawing toward the contemplative path of experiencing God's presence and need a spiritual director who has been on this journey to offer guidance and discernment. I also companion those going through spiritual direction training, transition and discernment, those seeking to discover their authentic path and purpose, and or those who feel burned out, disenfranchised, disillusioned or spiritually stuck.

It would be my great joy to companion you along your path toward greater wholeness, discovery, and awareness of God's presence in your everyday life.

Contemplative Soul Care

Soul's Sanctuary Spiritual Direction and Retreats provides a reflective space to deepen your connection and awareness of Divine presence and activity in your life. You will receive deep, prayerful conversation as well as time to enter into silence and contemplative practices in a safe, sacred atmosphere allowing for growth and fuller awareness on your journey.  Customized contemplative retreats and workshops are also available for groups, businesses, and churches.



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