Sacred Space to Experience Contemplative Practices  Together

Are you seeking a space of deep stillness and reflection, where you can retreat and reconnect with God and others in the midst of your busy life.... A space where you can also discover or rediscover your unique identity along with other souls on the contemplative path?

Soul's Sanctuary Contemplative half day, day or weekend retreats offer an opportunity to slow down and restore your soul. These retreats and workshops are unique in that space and guidance are provided for silence, sacred reading, prayer/meditation, journaling, reflection, creativity and discussion. Each retreat is custom designed for your group, business, or church.

Since this past year dealing with Covid 19  I started offering online personalized workshops and retreats for your group or community, customized retreat resources allowing a facilitator from your community to provide a contemplative experience,

as well as in person workshops and retreats. Discover how deep soul reflecting guided space opens up greater divine connection for you personally and within your community.


* Monthly 30 Minute Guided Contemplative Face Time Experience on Soul's Sanctuary Facebook Page

* Join me this fall during the lunch hour as I launch Soul's Sanctuary 30 minute Contemplative Connection.

* Each month will offer a fresh contemplative experience of pause to refresh and connect to divine presence. The way I roll is unique each month as the spirit leads me, so welcome the surprise and mystery. As Forest Gump says, "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get." :) One thing you will get is a safe sacred space of contemplative connection and reflection.

* If you would like to join me, please contact me through this site or the email below and I will send you the link a few days before the event and perhaps also an email reminder.

Contact me for more information.